Geriatric Clinics

NiaMedic aims to meet the needs and concerns of our patients, focusing on improving quality of life in their older years. The elderly have specific needs, from debilitating diseases and multiple symptoms, making dedicated care and attention to detail our utmost priorities.

Research Platform

With more than a decade of medical cannabis research and clinical experience among our core management team, NiaMedic continues to lead the scientific community in conducting research that pushes medical cannabis treatments to healthcare systems. We provide private clinical research and publishing services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical-device industries.

Consulting Services

Our data on medical cannabis procedures ensures the most effective recommendations for custom medical protocols applied to nursing homes, hospitals, and governments. NiaMedic offers treatment modalities and training curriculum for nurses, doctors, pharmacists, specialist practitioners as well as directorial guidelines to ensure legitimacy and efficiency.

Product Development

NiaMedic develops specifically-tailored medical cannabis products for nursing homes, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. Following multiple rigorous quality control tests before leaving the production line, we offer marketing and distribution solutions for companies wishing to promote their merchandise.