NiaMedic is a data and healthcare services company providing superior medicine integrated with proprietary medicinal cannabis treatments.

As one of the world’s first companies to serve as a “bridge” between the cannabis industry and the medical world, NiaMedic has developed valuable databases and pioneering treatment methods that are highly necessary in the growing medical cannabis industry.

The medical world emphasizes the importance in prolonging life expectancy, but NiaMedic highlights that the extension of life should be met with true quality –  both for patients and their caregivers who bear the physical, emotional and oftentimes financial burden.

Geriatric Clinics
Multi-disciplinary geriatric clinics providing superior conventional medicine integrated with proprietary medical cannabis treatments.
Consulting Services
Customizing medical protocols, new treatment modalities and training curriculum for nursing homes, hospitals and governments.
Research Platform
Comprehensive clinical-research services including CRO, site management, patient recruitment and publishing services.
Product Development
Developing, testing, marketing and distributing medical cannabis products.

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